8 Must Try Greek Foods

December 5, 2017

Whether you are on your way to the ancient city of Athens or visiting the beautiful islands of Greece, Greek Food will be an ongoing and gracious experience for anyone visiting the gorgeous country or wanting to try new food!




1) Souvlaki:


Type of Food: Main Entree 


Souvlaki (Beef or Chicken) is a traditional fast food dish (typically served on a skewer) with slices of meat. It varies from place to place how they serve it whether it be with french fries, tzatiki sauce or pita bread. I would definitely recommend eating it with  some tzatiki sauce and pita bread. 


2) Tzatiki Sauce:


Type of Food: Condiment 

Speaking of sauce, Tzatiki Sauce is a must have with any kind of Greek food. It consists mostly of Greek yogurt, cucumbers and Olive Oil. For those who are not huge fans of Greek yogurt,  I have to say I was a little skeptical at first but now I cannot get enough of tzatiki sauce. It has undeniable flavor! 



3) Baklava:


Type of Food: Dessert 

Baklava, a delicious Greek dessert made with phyllo dough (which is popular in Balkan and Mediterranean cuisines), variety of nuts(e.g. walnuts, pistachios and almonds),  and cinnamon powder. You can usually find these at bakeries or stands. 


4) Spanakopita:


Type of Food: Pastry 

Spanakopita, a scrumptious Greek pastry is a perfect snack and or breakfast. Spanakopita means spinach pie and is made with phyllo dough, feta, onions or scallions. This pastry is inexpensive and a pretty cheaper breakfast if you are on a budget. 


5) Greek Salad:


Type of Food: Side Dish 

Ah the famous Greek Salad! For my fellow Americans, be contentious that Greek salad is different than those in the states! Greek Salad comes with tomatoes, onions (usually purple and/or red onions), sometimes red/yellow peppers, olives and olive oil. So don't be surprised when your salad comes lettuce free that is the way that Greek salad is made in Greece :p 


6) Retsina Wine:


Type of Food: Alcohol

If you enjoy rose and white wine, you definitely need to try Retsina. Retsina is a white wine that has a long history of production in Greece. Although I am far from a sommelier (wine specialist), Restina wine tastes much sweeter than other wines I have tastes and plus it is quite easy to order. My suggestion when ordering is to order it in a carafe (jug). You usually get more for your money if you do!



Type of Food: Main Dish 
Similar texture to a lasagna, Moussaka is a multi layered dish that consists of three layers: a) veggie layer b) pork/beef and c) potatoes. The layers are drizzled in a meat/cheese sauce. 



8) Dolma:


Type of Food: Side Dish 

Dolma is a side dish which is compromised of rice, meat, onions, herbs and spices wrapped into a grape leave.  I first tried this dish with my Bulgarian roommate. Despite it's slippery texture, the Dolma provides an excellent snack and side dish to a big meal! It tastes amazing dipped in some tzataki sauce. 


For a more in depth information about the history of Greek food, check out Matt Barrett's Guide to Greek Food!! 



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