Top 5 Views of the Eiffel Tower

November 23, 2017


Planning a trip to Paris? Want to find the perfect picture to post in front of the Eiffel Tower? Here are some places on helping you achieve the Instagram worthy and award winning picture of your dreams! :)


Tips on Eiffel Tower Pictures: 

  • Like every tourist spot, always arrive extra early for a good photo op (especially during the summer time)!! 

  • After the sun sets, the tower sparkles on the hour for exactly 5 mins until 1:00 am. Keep in mind that the light show is trademarked so you are supposed to pay the artist money for posting a video of it lighting up!! 

  •  If you do plan on going to the top of the Eiffel Tower via Stairs, keep in mind that you will only have access to the second platform. The only way to access the top part of the tower would be to go in the elevator. 

  • Watch out for pick pocketers and scammers! Make sure to put all of your valuables in the front side of you and or get a fanny pack to avoid any issues. My friend got her phone stolen while on the way to Montparnasse. 


Best View Points of the Eiffel Tower:


1) Tour of Montparnasse: For my photographers out there, I would highly suggest making your way to Montparnasse, especially during sunset. (The first picture was taken from Montparnasse). Montparnasse is a viewing point on a sky high building. If you have a professional camera, you can get a whole view of the city (including the Effiel Tower). The tickets are $20 but there is a discount for students ($16). **Keep in Mind: If your student ID card does not have a year on it, there is a chance that they will not give you the discount** 


2) Trocadero: For a great free viewing point, take the metro stop off at Trocadero station. Trocadero is a huge platform nearby the Palais de Caillot, Place du Trocadero, and Musee del l'Homme. This platform is pretty popular spot so make sure to get there early in the morning. In addition, there are many times you will find protesters with signs but they are pretty harmless. 


3) Champ de Mars: To get a super close up shot, you should visit the grassy greens of Champ de Mars. This site has everything from fountains to a glass monument called Mur de la Paix symbolizing world peace. This is a great spot to have a famous French lunch of a baguette/tart-tine, cheese and some wine. If you wanna a cute running picture or just a plain old close-up, this is the perfect spot.


4) Seine River Cruise: If you are new to Paris, I would definitely consider taking this short river cruise along the river. There are many different options on what kind of cruise you can take. They range from $17.61 to $100. Some of the cruises come with a meal and glass of wine. They are usually around 20--30 mins (depending on the type of cruise you take). The greatest part of the river cruise is being able to see all the different sites of Paris in one sitting. It is helpful for those who are indecisive about where they want to go and could use a little direction from some tour guides. Also, it is a great way to escape the summer heat and rest your feet! Even though it is a cruise, I wouldn't worry too much about motion sickness. I am super sensitive when it comes to boats but I have yet to get ill on this cruise. 



5) Sacre de le Cour-
Although this one does have a great view of Paris, it is definitely not recommended for the weary! The best view comes from the top of the tower (entrance is on the left side of the Basilica). in where you must climb up 300 flights of stairs (with no elevator). This is in addition to the many many flights of stairs to get to the Sacre de le Cour. However, there is a lift you can take to skip the first flight of stairs!! The best part of this view is that it is free and also allows you to see the beautiful Sacre de le Cour. If you aren't too keen on the flights of stairs, I would still recommend coming to see the Sacre de le Cour in all it's majestical beauty! 

























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